Shell Scripting: Getting started with shell scripting

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  1. Graphical User Interface or GUI
  2. Command Line Interface or CLI

What is Shell?

What is Scripting?

Pwd : Current Directory
mkdir : Create new directory
cd : Change Directory
Ls : Lists all files in a Directory
ls -la : Lists all files with hidden files
Ls -L : Lists files with size & other details
touch : Create an empty File
mv : Move/rename a file
cp : Copy a file
cp -r : Copy a directory
rm : Delete a file
rm -r : Delete a directory
more : Read the whole file content
tail : Read the last 10 lines, usually for log files
grep : Find pattern or text inside a file
history : History of recently typed commands
top : lists top 10 processes consuming memory
comm : Lists files with details
df & du : Check disk free space & disk used
date : Shows current date/time
uptime : Shows current uptime
finger user : Displays information about
echo "Hey, there! What is your name?"
read name
echo "Nice to meet you, $name"
#!/bin/bashif ["$1" == ""]
echo "Oops! You forgot an IP Address"
echo "Syntax: ./" 192.168.4"
for ip in `seq 1 254`; do
ping -c 1 $1.$ip | grep "64 bytes" | cut -d " " -f 4 | tr -d ":" &




Technical mind

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Tania Islam

Tania Islam

Technical mind

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