JavaScript is quite confusing when it comes to a variable not having a value because it can be null or undefined. This leads to a lot of confusion, so in this article I will break down the differences between null and undefined.

To start I want to explain what null…

When you think of CSS floats you probably immediately think of old and out-of-date CSS layouts. This is technically correct since many sites used floats and clarify in order to create layouts before flexbox and grid, but float can still be used for modern applications.

Since floats have a bad…

Nowadays React, Vue, Angular, and all the other frontend JavaScript frameworks being so popular. Many people forget about normal HTML and JavaScript, but most of the websites built today still use plain HTML and JavaScript. There may still be a need for some complex dynamic content, though, and traditionally that…

If you want to be a programmer it makes sense to learn programming, but what about everyone else that does not want to be a programmer? Should they learn programming? I think they definitely should, And the reasons are here:

Programming is just a way for you to communicate with…

Your app is slow and users need to wait? Users now expect a fast website but sometimes data fetching takes time. If your app is heavy or slow, display one of these react based modern loading animations while your content loads. In addition to improving the functionality of your app, it will help retain users and make the waiting shorter.

React Spinner

Configuring the React Project:

In the project add react spinner

With Yarn:

yarn add react-spinners

With Npm:

npm install --save react-spinners

Deploy the changes. Now, it should come to your React project.

Tania Islam

Technical mind

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